The Benefits Of Commercial High-Speed Doors

Posted on: 10 February 2020

Commercial high-speed doors are overhead doors that are designed to be faster than traditional overhead doors. They often are made from more lightweight materials, such as cloth or vinyl, rather than metal, which allows the door to roll up faster. The roll-up design is often simpler with fewer springs, which allows the doors to roll up or roll down faster. If your commercial building is looking into commercial high-speed doors, you may be curious what the benefits are. Here are three benefits associated with these types of doors. 

High-Speed Doors Help to Minimize Air Loss

One of the benefits associated with commercial high-speed doors is that these types of doors help to minimize air loss. When you open and close an overhead door to allow for deliveries, you can let the heated or cooled air in your building escape. When the door open or close faster, you are able to minimize this air loss. This ultimately helps to reduce your energy usage and, thus, your energy bill. 

High-Speed Doors Can Increase Security and Protection

Another benefit associated with commercial high-speed doors is that high-speed doors help to increase the security and protection of your building. If your building is not in a great part of town, it can be risky opening up your door, as you never know who will come in. Additionally, many thieves try to slide under a slow moving door as it is closing. A door that opens or closes faster can help to prevent these issues and keep your building safer. 

High-Speed Doors Help to Keep Out Unwanted Elements

The final benefit associated with commercial high-speed doors is that you can reduce the unwanted elements that come into your building, including dirt, dust, pollution, and bugs, with these doors. The doors open faster, allowing a truck to back into the loading dock quickly, minimizing the items that fly in. And since they close faster, you can also decrease the amount of elements that can fly in compared to a slow moving door. 

Commercial high-speed doors help to prevent heated or cooled air from your commercial building from escaping, help to close faster, increasing the security in your building, and help to keep unwanted elements, such as dust and pests out, due to their speed. If you are interested in learning more about commercial high-speed doors, reach out to a manufacturer or installer to learn more about the specific doors that may be an option for your commercial space. 


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