7 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Posted on: 26 July 2016

It's a common dilemma: your kitchen is tired and dated-looking, but you don't have the funds for a full-scale remodel. Luckily, there are things you can do to majorly update the look and feel of your kitchen without spending a ton of money. Here are seven inexpensive kitchen updates to consider:

Buy New Cabinet Hardware

Nothing dates a kitchen quite like 80s-style gold cabinet hardware. Luckily, kitchen cabinet hardware is an affordable and easy upgrade that can immediately update your kitchen's feel. Kitchen cabinet hardware comes in a variety of stylish designs and finishes, from sleek and modern chrome cabinet knobs to intricate bronze designs that would look great in a transitional-style kitchen. A trend to consider is brightening white kitchen cabinets in a subtle way by adding bright cabinet hardware in red or emerald green. If you're looking to buy cabinet hardware, contact a company like REFCO for more information.

Paint Your Cabinets

If you can't afford to completely replace your kitchen cabinets, don't fret: a fresh coat of paint can work wonders and transform the look of your kitchen in just a few hours. Fresh white cabinets will make a formerly gloomy kitchen look big and airy. Some homeowners prefer the dramatic contrast look, with glossy black cabinets and light-colored walls and countertops. If your kitchen walls, appliances and countertops are all neutral-colored, you can add a ton of visual interest by painting your kitchen cabinets a jewel tone, like deep blue.

Add a Free-standing Kitchen Island

If you have the space, a free-standing kitchen island is a great way to maximize your kitchen without added remodeling or construction costs. A kitchen island will give you additional food prepping space, and most likely contain shelving or cabinet space underneath to boost your kitchen's storage capacity without the need to build more cabinets.

Add Recessed Lighting

Replacing bright, harsh overhead lights with sophisticated recessed lighting will instantly make your kitchen more beautiful. If you are handy, you can easily install recessed lighting yourself instead of paying a contractor.

Save Up for One Splurge

If you have your heart set on a splurge item for your kitchen, you can still stick to a small overall kitchen budget. The key to making this happen on a budget is to choose just one item to splurge on, while sticking to a shoestring budget for everything else. Saving for one upgrade or item is much more achievable and less intimidating than saving for an entire kitchen remodel.

For example, perhaps you really want a shiny new energy-efficient stainless steel refrigerator, or glossy granite cabinets. It may be worth saving up for if it will help you love your kitchen, become a focal point that distracts from more dated aspects of your kitchen, and boost your home value.

Add Pops of Color

If your kitchen is mostly white or another neutral, adding a few pops of color is an inexpensive way to brighten things up. Colorful and new hand towels hanging from the stove, a bright kitchen rug, and a vase full of cheerful colors will cost very little but have a big impact on how your kitchen looks and feels.

Upgrade Your Utensil and Pan Storage

Something as simple as how you store your pots and pans and kitchen utensils can actually make a big difference in how fresh your kitchen looks. Adding an attractive hanging pot rack can make your kitchen more appealing to look at while also majorly freeing up cabinet space, allowing you to eliminate kitchen counter clutter. Instead of storing your cooking utensils in any old container, look for something stylish that complements your kitchen's overall look at a home goods store.

By incorporating these updates into your current kitchen, you can get a great new kitchen look you love without breaking the bank.  


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